Wonsulting Review: Gaurav Ramdharne's Non-Traditional Route to Success

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Stefanie Kreisman

Ever packed your dreams in a suitcase and dived into a foreign job market? 

That's a rollercoaster of hope and doubt, especially when you're outside the traditional job-seeker mold. 

Welcome to the world of every ambitious job seeker, a world Gaurav Ramdharne knows intimately. 

From India to the UK, he took on a daunting job market and spun his own success story with the help of Wonsulting. 

How did he do it? 

Keep reading as we trace his footsteps to victory.

A Winding Path to Wonsulting

Originally from India, Gaurav relocated to the UK on a Partner Visa without a job offer in hand. A former Cyber Security Officer at Bank Credit Suisse in India, he found himself in a foreign land, grappling to make his resume stand out in the competitive UK job market.

Gaurav’s daily routine included spending an entire day on applications, applying to 5-6 companies with a generic resume, and skipping the cover letter altogether. 

This process was time-consuming and draining. 

Yet the return on his efforts? 

Absolutely nothing.

He even sought the help of a consultancy in India to apply on his behalf, spending a hefty £700 and losing 12 precious weeks—only to receive zero calls for interviews. 

Gaurav’s hopes were dwindling, and the financial pressures were mounting. He had bills to pay, monthly rents, student loans, and his savings were depleting fast.

The Ultimate Challenge: Making it Past the ATS and Winning Recruiters Over

With more than six years of experience in cyber security and a Master’s degree from the University of York, Gaurav was qualified and skilled—but he was still unable to crack the ATS (Applicant Tracking System). 

His CV wasn’t making the cut, and he had to consider part-time jobs in hospitality to make ends meet. Gaurav’s struggle to land his dream job had taken him from a prospective cyber security officer to a bartender or package delivery personnel.

Enter Wonsulting.

Wonsulting's mission to assist job seekers from non-traditional backgrounds resonated with Gaurav's journey. He decided to join hands with Wonsulting and transform his job search process. 

Finding Wonsulting: The Start of a Success Journey

Gaurav came across Wonsulting through a simple Google search, he found a goldmine of resources and products designed to help him stand out in the UK job market. 

But what tools did Wonsulting provide that made such a significant difference?

Empowering with the STAR Principle

Wonsulting empowered Gaurav with the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) principle, a cornerstone of our career resources. 

The STAR principle is an interview technique that can be used to answer behavioral questions.

Here’s how it works:

Situation: Paint a picture and provide important information about the specific example.

Task: Describe your assigned role or responsibility in that situation.

Action: Explain the exact steps you took to deal with it.

Result: Share the results or accomplishments that came from your actions.

This powerful approach allowed Gaurav to craft a resume that brought his skills and experiences to the forefront in a way that captivated recruiters. 

Our resources provided Gaurav with the clarity and confidence he needed to present himself compellingly.

Personalizing Resumes for Each Application

Wonsulting's resources guided Gaurav to tailor his resumes to match each specific job description. 

Instead of treating applications as a monotonous copy-paste task, Gaurav started to customize each resume, showing a clear understanding of each role. 

He signed up for WonsultingAI and used our products to save him time creating resumes, and cover letters. 

The transformation he underwent speaks volumes about the value and effectiveness of Wonsulting's offerings.

He was able to send at least 15-20 applications within 5-6 hours to roles and responsibilities that clearly aligned with his skillset. This was a huge improvement from the 5-6 applications he previously sent in one day.

Between March 2023 and May 2023 he had 7-8 Interviews scheduled and got selected in 3. He impressively cleared the first round of interviews with 5 companies.

Celebrating a Rewarding Success

Gaurav's journey with Wonsulting led to a triumphant appointment as a Cyber Security Consultant at QBE Insurance, a role perfectly in sync with his skills, qualifications, and aspirations. 

His story serves as a powerful Wonsulting review and validation of our mission: to help job seekers overcome challenges in the job market.

Reflecting on his own job-search journey, Gaurav has several insightful tips for fellow job-seekers:

  1. Harness the Power of a Strong Resume: Gaurav recommends using Wonsulting's resources to create a standout resume that captures the attention of recruiters.
  1. Pursue Relevant Certifications: Gaining certified expertise in your desired domain can significantly enhance your appeal to potential employers.
  1. Confidence is Key: Believe in your abilities, stay confident in your communication, and let your passion shine through in interviews.
  1. Research is Essential: Always research the company before an interview. It will help you tailor your responses and showcase your enthusiasm for the role.

This Wonsulting review is more than just a story about one person's success—it's proof of how we help job seekers all over the world. 

We support those who make unusual choices and look for work outside their home country. 

It shows how we assist them in overcoming hurdles and finding their dream job, no matter where that might be. 

If you're looking for a job and want some help, why not join us? 

Head over to WonsultingAI or check out our services page.

Let's start this journey together.

Stefanie Kreisman
Junior Copywriter

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