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Unbranded Agency by Wonsulting

Over 100 successful campaigns since 2022

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We're more than just another influencer agency. We lead the way in sourcing and managing the right deals for creators, allowing them to stay focused on what they're most passionate about: Crafting content. Leveraging our expertise in sales, pricing, tech, and strategy to the content creator space, we optimize your earnings through specialized partnerships across various sectors.

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We're proactive about deal sourcing and deal management. We also offer full inbox management, brand building, and also work on joint product development. All you need to do is focus on creating.

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We've established a robust network with a primary focus on B2B, Career, Finance, Health, Lifestyle, Personal Development, Positivity, Productivity, Shopping, Travel, and beyond.

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Unbranded Transparency

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We believe in transparent deal-making, providing straightforward and easily understandable contracts, terms of service and privacy policies. This ensures that everyone involved can easily understand how to work together.

About unbranded agency

Unbranded is a cutting-edge influencer agency headquartered in Southern California, with a global reach. Specializing in proactive deal management, coaching, brand building, and product development, we are laser-focused on empowering the new wave of digital creators.

Founded in 2022 by Dr. Ulrich Keller, Jerry Lee, and Jonathan Javier, Unbranded Agency was established to bring a high level of tech, pricing, sales, and strategy expertise to the creator economy. This allows Unbranded to maximize the potential of our talent across various sectors.

In a short time span, Unbranded, initially Wonsulting's in-house agency, has overseen 70+ partnerships and executed over 100 marketing campaigns.

our mission

At Unbranded Agency, our mission is to redefine the content creator economy and influencer marketing through strategic prowess, pricing psychology, AI-driven tools, and a commitment to mentoring creators. With a strong academic and tech foundation, we're dedicated to making a positive impact on the creator community. We don't just create; we elevate, automate, and empower, ensuring the right deals find their match.

Unbranded Agency by Wonsulting
Unbranded Agency by Wonsulting


Though newly founded in 2022, Unbranded Agency is hungry for success and has already made a lasting impact. We've engineered standout social media campaigns and formed high-impact influencer partnerships with renowned companies like Booking.com, Coursera, Dice, Fiverr, Indeed, LinkedIn and many more.

Unbranded Agency by Wonsulting

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